The Envipro group considers practicing compliance to be one of the most important tasks, and we are striving to construct a compliance system and promote compliance in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a listed company.

Internal Control Committee

The Envipro group has established an "Internal Control Committee," chaired by the President of the Company.
The Internal Control Committee has four sub-committees: the Environmental Safety Promotion Committee, the IT Promotion Committee, the Human Resources and Labor Reform Committee, and the Business Operations Reform Committee. The Internal Control Committee identifies risks, formulates countermeasures, and constructs and operates internal controls across the Group, including awareness-raising activities. The Internal Control Committee is convened on a quarterly basis, in principle, to hear reports from the presidents of Group companies and members of the subcommittees with respect to important compliance matters, litigation and other legal risk matters, and other matters that may have a major impact on the management, before it sets policy and makes decisions.

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Operation of the Internal Whistleblower System

The Envipro Group has established the Rules for Internal Whistleblowers so that we can quickly detect violations of laws and regulations and other illegal acts within our group, and take appropriate countermeasures. We have informed all employees of our group about these rules.

Based on this, we have set up a counter at Envipro Holdhings Inc. for consultations regarding and the reporting of acts such as organizational or personal violations of laws and regulations and acts that may be considered acts violating laws and regulations.

We guarantee that whistleblowers will not be disadvantageously treated for any report or notification.

Human Rights Policy

The Envipro group places importance on respect for human rights and complies with and promotes the human rights policy set forth below.

Environmental Policy

The Envipro group has established the following environmental policy and acts in order to fulfill its mission as an environmental business enterprise.


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