Medium-Term Management Plan


Medium-Term Management Plan (Mid-Term Plan 2028)

Corporate Philosophy
"Creative Company" "Circular Company" "Company Pursuing Virtue"
The key values of the Envipro group, and its corporate DNA (no timeline)
~Contribute to Crerate a Sustainable Society~
The Envipro group’s significance in the world,
and its purpose and aspirations on a defined timeline
(the 30 years until 2050)
The corporate value that Envipro group seeks
To become a company that has a valued role in society by increasing economic value, environmental value,
and social value and strengthening governance to sustain them.
In addition, to build a platform filled with good quality energy where all employees work energetically toward this goal.
Strategy Concept
Lead a circular economy
Achieve a number of specific examples of "CE supporting manufacturing" and "CE supporting local communities" ahead of other companies.
Take the initiative to increase the momentum of the circular economy across the country and contribute to a sustainable society.
Organizational Image
A disciplined group of autonomous individuals with emergent abilities

Specific Initiatives to Achieve Our Strategy

For the promotion of the business strategy

Realization of Decarbonized Society by 2050

Transformation into a manufacturer of materials obtained from aboveground resources through low-carbon processes (QCDC)
To achieve levels of Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery time)
that are comparable to a first-class manufacturing company.
Moreover, to create a manufacturing process featuring an added factor, C (carbon neutrality).
Declaration that 100% of energy used will be renewable by 2050 (Participation in the RE100)

Performance targets

Performance targets


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