What is the circulation of local resources?

The Envipro Group has developed CE facilities that are best suited to each community, responding to the different circular economy (CE) needs of each community and local government. We operate 24/7 resource drop-off stations to collect resources from citizens. Local resource circulation facilities are equipped with shredding, sorting and compression packaging equipment to properly process locally generated resources. In addition, with the cooperation of people with disabilities and communities, we are realizing community-based resource circulation.

Social issues

Social issues

In Japan, the aging and shrinking of the population is weakening the foundations of mutual support in the spheres of people's lives: community, home and workplace. In addition, the wave of population decline has led to a decrease in the number of social and economic leaders in many local communities, and against this backdrop, various issues have emerged, such as the curtailing of government services and the problem of vacant houses.

Business features

Feature 1

Improved convenience for local residents

As a hub of the local Circular Economy, we provide "easy-to-dispose" services for oversized garbage, difficult-to-dispose of items, etc.

Feature 2

Cooperation with local governments

The services provided by the Group serve as pre-processing facilities for clean centers and play a part in administrative services. This leads to reductions in collection and transportation costs, and greenhouse gases for local governments, and contributes to reducing the burden on citizens.

Feature 3

Returning value to communities

A portion of the proceeds from the recycling of collected resources is returned to communities in the form of support for local sports teams and donations to hospitals. We aim for local production and local consumption of local resources.

Service overview

24/7 drop-off resource collection stations

In Nagano Prefecture, we have 23 unmanned resource collection stations called "Mottainai BOX." The convenience of being able to bring in unwanted household items at any time is highly appreciated by local residents.
In addition, in Azumino City we operate a collection center where the general public can easily bring in bulky waste, etc.

SYNECO mottainai BOX

On-site pick-up service: "Katazuketai"

With the concept of "solving local problems in the community," the Group provides cleaning services for private residences, corporate offices and tenants. At private residences, we assist with moving heavy furniture and appliances, clearing out unwanted items, removing and disposing of large appliances, organizing belongings by estate liquidators, dismantling vacant houses and cleaning houses. For offices and tenants, we offer a one-stop service from removal of unwanted items to transportation and disposal at our own factory.


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