What is environment management consulting?

Bright Innovation Co., Ltd. provides professional services that take account of the business characteristics, status of initiatives, and objectives and needs of each company based on its extensive experience in providing support for environmental management in general. This covers addressing climate-related issues, building a Circular Economy, improving CDP and other evaluations, and supporting information disclosure, including TCFD and TNFD compliance.

Social issues

Social issues

As social issues such as global warming and widening inequality become more serious, with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the UN Summit in 2015 and the Paris Agreement at the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, companies are expected to tackle carbon neutrality and a Circular Economy as two major themes of their sustainability initiatives.

Business features

Feature 1

Consulting firm specializing in environment management consulting

Corporate environmental response requires a wide range of knowledge and deep environmental expertise, including the latest information on global trends, organization of the relationship between environmental issues and business, and practical response methods. Bright Innovation responds to these needs by specializing in environment management consulting. It is also able to provide specific support in cooperation with its clients, including strategy formulation, action plan development and implementation.

Feature 2

Solving client issues through consulting & solutions

Bright Innovation aims to provide services that truly help solve clients' problems by leveraging its strengths as a member of a recycling company group that has a resource circulation site, and by providing not only consulting services but also practical solutions linked to these services, such as procurement of green electricity for CO₂ reduction, support for the introduction of renewable energy facilities, establishment of collection schemes for waste products and production of recycled raw materials.

Feature 3

Visualization of corporate environmental management with environmental DX

To achieve carbon neutrality and a Circular Economy, it is important to visualize environmental values, improve productivity, reduce costs, and augment and disclose the movement and properties of goods through the use of digital technology. Bright Innovation is accelerating its efforts to utilize digital technology in the environmental field in a highly effective manner by integrating consulting services and solutions.


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