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We inevitably find the necessary things and people at the necessary time.
We will continue to challenge ourselves to be strongly needed by society.

With the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, the world has spurred concrete efforts toward greenhouse gas reduction activities and a Circular Economy (CE), which is a major means to achieve this goal.

A Circular Economy refers to an economic model that maximizes product use and minimizes value outflow.
Along with this change in the concept of manufacturing, there is growing momentum for concrete and serious initiatives by major manufacturers and distributors.
Until now, the manufacturing industry has been able to fulfill its role by providing quality products to the market.
However, the trend toward carbon neutrality requires that used products be recycled and that a certain amount of the recycled raw materials be used again in the products in question.
It is because this will greatly help to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and manufacturing and the "Circular Economy" are now being integrated into a single movement.

In response to these trends, we have set our strategic concept to be "Lead a Circular Economy."
We will work separately on a "CE supporting manufacturing" and a "CE supporting communities", and lead the way in realizing these two types of CE ahead of our competitors.
We aim to lead the way in creating momentum for a CE throughout Japan and contributing to creating a sustainable society.

For a "CE supporting manufacturing", we will build a system that makes full use of four functions: wide-area collection, storage, recycling, and visualization of environmental data.

For wide-area collection, we will create a logistics network with a nationwide perspective and build an efficient collection scheme suited to each product.
After temporarily storing the collected used products, we will evaluate and diagnose their condition and select the most appropriate recycling route, such as dismantling, parts removal or recycling.
Here, the physical shredding and sorting technologies that we have refined over many years will be of great use.
We also accurately trace recyclable materials and calculate recycling rates and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the future, we will be deeply involved in local government waste management, and as a CE for local government waste, we will realize facility operations that make a significant contribution to environmental and resource strategies.
This will require a slightly longer time horizon, but we see this as a major social issue that we will tackle as part of our business domain.

I will work together with our employees to take on the challenge of solving these social issues that we have to address.
To this end, we need to forge our company into a disciplined group of autonomous individuals with emergent abilities.
The workplace where we take on this challenge must be a platform filled with good-quality energy where all employees work energetically.

I cherish the relationships with our employees, customers and business partners that I have been so fortunate to meet during this era, which seems but a brief moment in history.

At the same time, I am delighted to play a role in contributing to create a sustainable society together with the many people with whom I have had the privilege of working.

Through this challenge, I hope that each of you will find meaning in your work, and that your lives will be filled with a sense of being of use to someone other than yourself.

With this in mind, I am determined to accomplish this goal, and realize the calling that has been placed upon me.

Of course, I will enjoy this opportunity to the fullest.

Life is great anyway.

HobbiesWork, visiting the family graves, strolling in the moonlight
MottoSAIZENKAN (whatever happens, it's all good).

(updated December 27, 2023)

  • Tomikazu Sano, Representative DirectorTomikazu Sano


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