What is metal and waste recycling?

This is the core business that the Envipro Group has been engaged in for many years.
We collect resources generated from factories, etc., such as automobiles, multifunction devices, vending machines and small home appliances, shred and sort them into separate materials, and deliver them to steel makers, refiners and other customers.

Social issues

Social issues

With recent calls for carbon neutrality and securing critical minerals, environmental issues, especially metal and waste recycling, are attracting increasing attention.
The recycling process is also considered part of a supply chain, an area where research and development is progressing along with the expansion of market size.





Nonferrous metals



*Actual volume handled for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023 (Consolidated for the Group)

Business features

Feature 1

Advanced sorting technology

Through the use of various sensors, such as metal detectors, we achieve high added value and a high recycling rate by thorough sorting.

Feature 2

Handling of all types of commercial materials

Accepted commodities: ferrous scrap, automobiles, electronic circuit boards, small home appliances, plastics, tires, etc.
We also handle a wide range of products, including bed mattresses, which are considered difficult to process.

Feature 3

Low-carbon recycling process

We are working to achieve our goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions.
Electricity for our recycling plants is generated from renewable energy sources.

Service overview

We respond to the needs of our customers and quickly collect waste materials when necessary.
Collected waste is thoroughly sorted by material and then connected to the appropriate recycling route.
The Group's recycling plants are powered by 100% renewable electricity, which allows us to achieve low-carbon resource circulation by decarbonizing the recycling process.
The recycled resources produced are delivered to steelmakers, smelters, and other customers.

Treatment and processing flow of resource circulation businesses

Treatment and processing flow of resource circulation businesses
  • *1 Riddling ash is part of incineration ash that falls through the grate of a stoker furnace when incinerating waste.
  • *2 Gold, silver and copper sediment sludge is a mixture of metals including gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium.
  • *3 RPF is an abbreviation for "refuse derived paper and plastics densified fuel," which is a high-grade solid fuel made mainly from waste paper and plastics, which are difficult to recycle as raw materials, among other industrial wastes.

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