Corporate Philosophy


The Envipro group has established a Corporate Philosophy
that will serve as the norm for all actions of the group no matter
how the social environment surrounding our group changes,
with the thought of clarifying the value of the group's existence,
and enabling all stakeholders to be proud to be involved with the group.
Based on this corporate philosophy, the group will continue to take
on the challenge of playing a part in contributing to create a sustainable society.

Creative Company
Engage in the ongoing creation of businesses
that society needs
  • Engage in everyday work in the spirit with which the company was established
  • Create new businesses in the spirit of the founder for generations to come
  • Every employee to exert efforts to become the leading player of a business that suits them
Circular Company
Help others, get the best out of others, and share with others to make a constant loop of joy
  • Help each other and lend a hand to others to make your work more pleasant
  • Use every material repeatedly, preserving their value for as long as possible
  • Share the profit and joy with the people you live with
Company pursuing virtue
Pursue the virtue of companies and people, in perpetuity
  • Don’t choose the easy path but choose the path which serves others
  • Do what others don’t do by taking advantage of your distinctive qualities
  • Be grateful for your life and don’t be arrogant

Presided over by Enishiya and supervised by Yoshiharu Shimizu
established on March 20, 2004

Origin of the company name and the symbol mark


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