What is cleaning and dismantling?

It's a one-stop service that provides everything from the cleaning of offices, etc., to the dismantling and disposal of buildings, equipment, etc.

Social issues

Social issues

Many buildings built during the high-growth period are aging and reaching the point where they must be renovated. In addition, demand for dismantling work is increasing due to business conversions such as EVs to become carbon neutral, and the aging of renewable energy equipment installed in the early stages. “Cleaning and dismantling” is the starting point for the generation of scrap, including steel, a process that cannot be ignored when considering the lifecycle of buildings in the construction industry, and plays an important role toward carbon neutrality.

Business features

Feature 1

Strengths of having a recycling function

Our wide-area recycling network, which includes the Group and partner companies, enables us to evaluate used goods that have no value as resources.

Feature 2

Strengths of having a reuse function

Through our experience in a wide variety of cleaning and dismantling work, we possess the know-how and a sales network for used precision machinery, general-purpose machine tools, medical equipment, fixtures and other items.

Feature 3

Achieving low-carbon dismantling

Ferrous scrap generated by our group's dismantling is utilized as low-carbon steel raw material by electric furnace makers, etc. We aim to realize the horizontal recycling of low-carbon steel, aluminum, etc. with traceability, including CO₂ reduction through the CE model, by strengthening cooperation with supply chains.

Service overview

We provide a one-stop service ranging from cleaning and dismantling to reuse/recycling of unneeded items generated at the time of relocation or closure of factories, stores, offices and other facilities. We realize low construction costs by extracting maximum value from the resources to be disposed of.

Service overview

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