What is the global distribution of resources?

The Envipro Group delivers ferrous scrap, nonferrous scrap and other recycled resources to customers in Japan and overseas.

Social issues

Social issues

In the era of VUCA (variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), global supply chains are undergoing major changes due to climate change countermeasures and geopolitical factors, and recycled resources must be strategically secured and distributed.
We contribute to the optimization of the global distribution of resources by establishing domestic and international recycling schemes.

Export volume results

Ferrous scrap

thousand tons

Nonferrous metals

thousand tons

Waste paper

thousand tons

Used clothing

thousand tons

*Actual results for the year ending June 30, 2023

Business features

Feature 1

Many domestic collection points

We deliver ferrous and nonferrous scrap collected at stockyards located at ports throughout Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, to customers in Japan and overseas, after performing quality control in line with customer needs. In the future, we plan to carry out inspection and collection in some stockyards jointly with electric furnace makers.

Feature 2

Responding to customer needs

In addition to ferrous and nonferrous metals, we handle a variety of recycled resources such as waste paper, used clothing and rubber.
By utilizing our domestic and overseas networks and keeping up with the latest information, we are actively increasing the number of new commercial materials we handle.

Feature 3

Expansion of global network

NEWSCON Inc. is responsible for developing new overseas business beyond national borders in the Envipro Group. Currently, we are developing bases to collect recycled resources generated from electronic devices and EVs, which are increasing due to the progress of electrification, and strengthening trilateral trade.

Service overview

The Group distributes recycled resources worldwide through our domestic and international networks.
We have established our own transportation network and can transport goods by large vessels or in small lots by container vessels, etc., according to customer needs.

Currently, we have 13 collection yards in Japan.

List of the Group's shipping bases

Examples of commodities handled

Ferrous scrap
Aluminum mix (ZORBA)
Stainless steel mix (ZURIK)
Aluminum scrap
Stainless steel scrap
Circuit board scrap
Copper wire
Black mass
PET flakes
Rubber tube
Waste paper
Used clothes

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