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Lead a Circular Economy

Our goal is to create a sustainable society in which “the life of all things is utilized and put to good use.”
Our strategic concept for creating such a society is "Lead a Circular Economy (CE)." Through two approaches, "CE supporting manufacturing and "CE supporting communities", we are working to create a system that keeps value circulating.


Importance of a Circular Economy

We are facing a variety of social challenges as the world's average temperatures have reached all-time highs across the board and there is talk of an era of global boiling, which is more serious than global warming.
As a response to climate change caused by global boiling, we can expect to see an increasing spurt in the decarbonization of society. And to achieve decarbonization, in addition to the electrification of economic activities and the re-energization of their electrical power supply, the lifecycle of products - their manufacture, use and disposal - must be reviewed and intentionally redesigned through a Circular Economy.

Size of Japan's Circular Economy Market

Growth-Oriented, Resource-Autonomous Circular Economy Strategy

*Prepared from "Growth-Oriented, Resource-Autonomous Circular Economy Strategy" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

What is a Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy tackled by the Envipro Group

The Circular Economy tackled by the Envipro Group Optimization of collection CE coordination Collection of locally generated resources Building partnerships with local governments Handling any kind of product Production of green materials Return of value to residents Recycling close to communities

CE supporting manufacturing

In CE supporting manufacturing, we aim to realize a circular economy for products by collecting process waste materials generated from factories and used products collected from the market, producing green materials, and connecting them to arterial procurement and manufacturing processes. We will build a circular supply chain to keep products and materials circulating and distributed in a state of high value.

CE supporting manufacturing 01 CE supporting manufacturing 03


Green materials need to show that they are made from terrestrial resources (waste), and we are developing a traceability system for a CE that connects veins of materials.

CE supporting local communities

The CE supporting local communities aims to change the concept of "throwing away" with guilt to "contributing to communities" while operating recycling facilities based on the concept of maximizing the return of value to communities from the resources collected from communities. We will build an environmentally friendly recycling infrastructure that is consistent with the carbon-neutral initiatives of each community with a view to wide-area expansion.

CE supporting local communities 01 CE supporting local communities 02 CE supporting local communities 03


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