What are welfare services for people with disabilities?

These are services that support people with disabilities to lead social and daily lives in communities.
ASTOCO Inc. mainly provides services in the field of work and provides support so that people with disabilities can become independent as members of society in their own way.

Social issues

Social issues

As the birthrate declines, the population ages and the population continues to decline, the decrease in the labor force has become a serious social issue.
The Government has been promoting the employment of people with disabilities as a part of the labor force by raising the legally mandated employment rate to 2.6% in April 2024, and to 2.7% in July 2026. However, an increasing number of people with disabilities are leaving their jobs after a short period of time because they cannot find a suitable job match. In addition, not only companies but also agriculture is facing a labor shortage.

Business features

Feature 1

High performance through attentive services

It is said that the turnover rate of people with disabilities is more than 30% within one year of employment, but ASTOCO keeps in touch with them and their companies after employment, and more than 90% of them continue working.

Feature 2

Contribution to recycling through environment and welfare collaboration

We are working with people with disabilities to do some of the recycling operations of our group companies. This is an initiative where people can engage in challenging work, and at the same time contribute to environmental issues.

Feature 3

Contribution to agriculture through agriculture and welfare collaboration

We cultivate onions, potatoes and other crops on abandoned farmland. We also cooperate with neighboring farmers and help them during their busy season.

Service overview

① Labor transition support business

Labor transition support business enables those who wish to find employment to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, mental and physical management, and life stability for employment and social life through lectures and training. It also provides individual support for job hunting, resume writing and corporate training, etc., and support for job retention to ensure stable employment even after finding a job.


② Type B continuous employment support business

Type B continuous employment support business is support for those who have difficulty working in companies, etc., to participate in society with confidence and a sense of fulfillment as members of society. They are working on challenging jobs that suit each of them, such as jobs at group companies, local companies and jobs in cooperation with agriculture.


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