What are logistics agency services?

We provide the most suitable logistics service for each customer's business type and project, such as a "Full Export Agency Service," in which we handle all arrangements from management to shipment of used cars and other export goods at the Envipro Group's stockyards, and an "Export Arrangement Service," in which we deliver containers to stockyards designated by the customer.

Social issues

Social issues

Used cars lying in Japan are waiting for a time when they can be put to use somewhere else in the world. However, the barriers to export are high, and foreign traders, especially those who are not fluent in Japanese, face significant obstacles along the way. We provide export agency services to help smooth this flow so that more cars can be driven again in new places.

Business features

Feature 1

One-stop service

All you have to do is bring your cargo to the stockyard designated by Cyterrace Co., Ltd. Cyterrace handles everything from customs clearance and export procedures to container booking, land transportation arrangements, vehicle management at the loading yard and container vanning.

Feature 2

Selection of the best logistics route

For exporting vehicles and parts, we arrange the best means of transportation based on our long and rich experience and deliver them to the desired port in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. This is a network service that covers Japan and the whole world as only the Envipro Group can.

Feature 3

Meticulous after-sales care

By responding to the specific needs of our customers and quickly responding to any problems, we ensure delivery to our customers across the sea.

Service overview

Full Export Agency Services

We take care of everything from receipt of vehicles to delivery at the local port.
“Full Support Service”

We assist you with all the necessary documents and procedures for exporting vehicles from Japan to the destination country, as well as the shipping process. We have earned the trust of many customers in Japan and overseas thanks to our experienced staff who handle all aspects of the process, including marketing activities in the destination country and setting appropriate resale prices in consideration of market prices.

Full Support Service

Export Arrangement Service

"Container Export Agency Service" that handles everything from making drayage arrangements to delivery at the local port on behalf of the customer.

This service transports automobiles to a destination specified by the customer. In this service, Envipro Group takes care of everything from domestic procedures to ocean transportation, and the customer receives vehicles at the local port. We follow up on exports for those who own containers and those who undertake vanning by themselves. The export agency service is a service that handles everything from drayage arrangements to shipping on behalf of the customer.

Container Export Agency Service

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