Basic policy on Information security


Each company has established a Basic Policy on Information Security, and through corporate activities backed by sincere efforts for safety, we will strive to maintain and improve the global environment and ensure the safety of employees, as well as to appropriately protect the information assets in the information devices discarded by customers that are handled by each company.

Basic policy on information security

We will contribute to society by fulfilling our mission as an environmental business. In order to realize the Corporate Philosophy, "Using the Lives of All Things for Reuse," we will carry out our business activities with the strong "Mottainai" spirit that Japanese people orijginally have. In conducting our business activities, we will place importance on harmony with the natural environment and coexistence with the local community. We will also clarify the sources of danger in the workplace environment and in work, protect information assets, prevent leakage, falsification, and damage, and create a safe and comfortable workplace with pride.

This policy is disclosed to the public.

  • We will comply with laws and regulations related to information security, as well as other requirements.
  • We will implement business process control and aim to improve measures to prevent human error.
  • We will strive to protect information assets and ensure safety during business activities and in accidents and emergencies.
  • We will implement information system management and create a platform with an atmosphere of information security. In order to implement this policy, we will set objectives and targets for action, review them as necessary, strive to reduce the number of incidents involving the management system and information security, and promote continuous improvement.
  • We will educate all employees of each company and everyone working for each company in accordance with this policy.

Enacted in 1. Aug. 2012
Representative of the group Tomikazu Sano

Range of registered activities

Number Registration statement number
Date of acquisition 14. Nov. 2012
Compatibility standard ISO/IEC27001:2013
Examining agency AJA Registrans Ltd.
Application business Security for data in waste information devices when they are stored, shredded, dismantled by hand, and transported.


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