Lead a Circular Economy to Create a Sustainable Society


The world's average temperatures have reached record highs across the board, spurring efforts to become carbon neutral. In this environment, the Envipro Group aims to create a sustainable society that uses every material repeatedly, preserving its value for as long as possible. Our strategic concept for realizing this goal is to "Lead a Circular Economy."


Challenges to Create a Sustainable Society

Although economic development and technological innovation have made modern society materially rich and convenient,
climate change due to global warming, limitations of material resources, etc.,
are causing a deterioration of sustainability, which is essential for our continued prosperity and survival.
The Envipro Group is committed to solving these social problems
by promoting efforts to realize a decarbonized, recycling-oriented and decentralized society.

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Make a circle of joyYour Partner in Circular Economy

We develop and recycle resources from waste generated by cities and other sources.
We, the Envipro Group, are committed to the creation of a sustainable society,
look to the future and keep moving forward.


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