Waste treatment

We work as a project manager, choose the most proper disposing agent or buyer to reduce the cost of waste and improve efficiency.

  • You are able to deal with waste from offices or plants with only one call.
  • We offer one-stop service of waste treatment, as we can recycle various items.
    (improvement of efficiency, reduetion of costs)
  • We can completely recycle them with group companies’ equipment.
  • As a listed company, we organize administrative divisions and work in compliance with laws.
Treat items below
  • metal scrap (waste after punching, cable, covering wire)
  • facilities (machine tools, construction equipment, producing machines)
  • office equipment (OA equipment, PC, fixtures)
  • transport equipment (fishing boats, boats, other types of vessels, cars, bycicles)
  • waste plastic (plastic bottles, PR pallets, urethane foams)

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Group Company

  • Econecol
  • 3WM
  • KurodaRecycle
  • ASTOCO Inc.
  • TOYO
  • Bright Innovation Co., Ltd
  • Pla2Pla