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ENVIPRO HOLDINGS Inc. and affiliates shall stipulate Basic policy of Information security, endeavor to protect information asset from clients and to improve global environment, and to assure safety of employees through business activities with sincere effort to security.

Basic policy of Information security

We shall contribute society by fulfilling our mission as an environment business company. And to enforce recycle all lives and things in our company principle, we shall conduct business with Mottainai spirits which Japanese people have by nature. We shall run business with harmony with the environment and symbiosis with local communities. Also, we shall define resources of danger of work and work place environment, protect information asset, prevent leakage, falsification, damage beforehand, create a comfortable work place which employees can be able to proud of.

We disclose this policy to public.

  1. We shall comply laws and regulations about information security and other requirements.
  2. We shall control business affairs, aim to improvement of preventing human errors.
  3. We shall endeavor to assure protection of information asset when we conduct business, and even in the case of emergency.
  4. We shall enforce management of the information system, and create the place which is filled with the atmosphere of information security
  5. We shall set purposes and goals of actions to fulfil this policy, revise them when necessary, endeavor to reduce the numbers of incidents of management system and information security.
  6. We shall let all employees and workers with us know this policy to follow it.

Enactment 1. Aug. 2012
Representative of the group Tomikazu Sano


Number AJA12/16424
Received date 14. Nov. 2012
Type ISO/IEC27001:2013
Authority AJA Registrans Ltd.

security for data in waste information devices when they are stored,
demolished, dismantled by hands, and transported.

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